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Management Training in Communication

Put a face to your brand, organisation or company

The best stories always have a narrative voice. In order to spread their messages effectively, brands need to humanise their content and put a face to their services, products and values.

At Asesores we are committed to the role of the spokesperson as an essential part of our clients’ communication strategy. However, representatives of companies and institutions must be prepared to speak on behalf of their peers and be part of their companies’ messages. It is for this reason that our agency prepares tailor-made spokesperson training courses for each organisation.

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We work personally with the spokespersons of each company so that they are prepared for any opportunity or crisis. We help spokespersons to acquire the essential keys to face meetings with the media, influencers and institutions and to prepare them to attend events and forums. We provide tools to help them know where to focus when conveying a specific message and to become aware of the attitude they should display as spokespersons for an organisation.

Our main Services for

Management Training in Communication are:

  • Essentially practical courses supported by theoretical contents presented by communication consultants with more than 20 years of experience
  • Preparation of materials for the enhancement of spokespersons’ skills
  • Search and identification of course locations
  • Monitoring the progress of the spokespersons after the training courses
  • Preliminary analysis of spokespersons’ actions in the media and other channels of representation
  • Recording of practical exercises and on-the-spot review of activities
  • Search for information professionals to participate in the course activities