The value of cardboard with AFCO

Communication and advocacy

Cardboard, advocacy and public opinion. It’s better they tell you

AFCO challenged us to prepare a campaign to raise public awareness of the importance of cardboard, a discreet and essential material in many areas of our daily activities.

At Asesores we took up the gauntlet and worked on a plan to raise awareness of the role of cardboard as a strategic material for industry and distribution, thanks to video testimonials from Wholesale managers who choose cardboard for their companies’ packaging.


Much more than you think


Leaders defend the value of cardboard

Under the slogan “Much more than you imagine”, the initiative managed to bring together the voices of five executives from leading companies such as Lidl, Leroy Merlin, UPS, LG and Iskaypet, who explained the solutions that cardboard boxes bring to each of their businesses in short videos. Real examples of success in the areas of logistics, marketing, operations or sustainability.
To show and disseminate the audiovisual pieces, a campaign landing page was created, content was published on AFCO’s profiles on social media (Twitter, LinkedIn and Youtube) and the initiative was nourished by an ambitious media plan that took the form of banners and articles in economic, regional and mass-market media, amplified by programmatic and social ads.
In addition, various press releases were issued to inform the media, national and international paper and board industry associations and organisations in the packaging and logistics sectors about the campaign.

Our message spread

Thanks to the coordination with the companies involved in the campaign and organisations in the packaging industry, it was possible to broadcast the campaign from different channels, thus achieving exponential, multi-channel amplification while evidencing their strong commitment to the campaign theme.