Navegantes en la Red

From Altavista to Twitch with AIMC

Navegantes en la Red: the story of Spanish society through its digital transformation

Since 1996, after our first year of working with AIMC as their agency, Asesores has collaborated in the dissemination of Navegantes en la Red, a non-profit study on Internet use in Spain that has the largest market sample in our country.

Throughout all its editions, Navegantes has established itself as the study with the longest track record in this field, and has allowed us to witness the evolution of the use of new technologies among Spaniards, both in terms of access devices and the activities and habits of those surveyed.


Navegantes en la red study


An indispensable tool

In each edition Asesores has released the main results of this comprehensive report that serves as a guide for all types of professionals related to technology, communication, advertising and marketing, both in business and academia.

Thanks to the creation of a community (made up of more than 3,000 contacts from all these areas), and the main media in our country, the results of the study have been replicated every year throughout Spain, becoming a key tool to know the pulse of the Internet, the evolution of the most cutting-edge digital trends and the direction that digital society has taken in our country over its 25 years of history.

Experts in online audiences

Much of the data from the study, related to the number of hours we spend online and our social media usage habits, helps companies, communication agencies and media agencies to create effective digital strategies by discovering the profile of the online citizen to target their messages to.

Therefore, thanks to our collaboration with this important research task of AIMC, we have become faithful connoisseurs of the trends that, in the short term, all communication consultants will have to consider when providing solutions adapted to the needs of each client. More than 25 years later, we continue to analyse our environment in order to keep innovating.