European event

2 Billion Lamps Recycled: a milestone in environmental history that the whole of Europe could celebrate

Lighting is a basic need in the world we live in. In fact, Genesis itself envisaged it as an essential element in the creation of the Universe (“Let there be light; and there was light”). Keeping our homes, workplaces and streets lit represents a commitment to establish and develop a Circular Economy model in the lighting industry.

To get there, the Collective Systems of Extended Producer Responsibility at European level (non-profit organisations made up of manufacturers and importers of light bulbs whose goal is to channel their correct management when they become waste so that they can be recycled, such as AMBILAMP), through EUCOLIGHT, carried out a titanic task that resulted at the beginning of 2021 in an accumulation of two billion light bulbs recycled throughout the continent (two thousand million translated from the Anglo-Saxon term). An impressive milestone that writes a special page in the history of Recycling worldwide.


2 Billion Lamps Recycled



An ambitious strategy

to communicate a great achievement

Given the importance of the milestone, EUCOLIGHT and AMBILAMP, as a member of the European association, wanted to celebrate it with an action and from Asesores, in the midst of a pandemic that restricted our mobility, we faced the challenge of adapting to the circumstances to communicate to the whole continent the incredible figure and the work, processes and resources that had to be dedicated to achieve it. In the same vein, the participants were to be of European relevance and come from both the lighting sector and politics with the aim of highlighting how it has been possible to achieve such an ambitious figure. Asesores coordinated all those involved in the event so that each had a specific role, assigning their speeches in order to provide a complete view of the achievement and from all the perspectives of the players involved.

The challenge: a new format and one to which

participants from all over Europe could connect

In addition to the entire corporate branding of the event, a webinar began to be organised to overcome the challenges of covering different countries and time zones and, of course, to create interest and excitement to attract participants in an online format that most of the guests were not used to. A simple, intuitive and easy-to-use interface was proposed that would be developed in an agile, dynamic and educational audiovisual content: it was not only about explaining ‘what’; what was really interesting was to present ‘how’.

As part of the interventions of the spokespersons, a video was introduced explaining through animations the work of EUCOLIGHT and each of its members in the member countries, the importance of the magnitude of the two billion recycled light bulbs and the challenges that the future now poses based on the values that mark and have marked the history of the Association.