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Hyundai: Transport and Sustainability

No fear zero-emissions mobility

Electric vehicles are here to stay, but has anyone ever taught you before about the unique characteristics of electric vehicles and how to drive more efficiently?

Asesores and Hyundai embarked on an informative project to bring electric vehicles closer to society. How did we do it? Creating the first electro-school in Spain: a project that allowed us to have a direct impact on the consumer and helped to create a story around new forms of sustainable mobility.

Through informative videos, we launched messages that helped to break down the barriers and myths of the unstoppable paradigm shift in mobility: from combustion to electrification. At the end of the course, those who completed the training received a diploma certifying that they had passed the theoretical part, the first step towards becoming an eco-driver.


La Electroescuela


Breaking down myths and barriers

Hyundai takes an educational role as an active agent in this energy transformation of mobility to answer questions and uncertainties about the use, maintenance and purchase of electric vehicles and Asesores creates the content, the story and keeps media and stakeholders informed.

The aim was to break the myths surrounding the electric vehicle and bring a mobility solution adapted to each particular need in an audiovisual format with a direct and entertaining tone. The initial challenge was to adapt the content to make it comprehensible and attractive to society as a whole, be it a family, a self-employed person, a public body or the private sector, regardless of where the drivers live.

Training expert drivers

The idea to capture attention was to create a virtual experience that is accessible to all, dynamic, educational and allows Hyundai to take a leadership position in the new sustainability paradigm.