Icaria Atelier: from Seville to the world

Expo2020 Dubai

Icaria Atelier revolutionises Expo2020 Dubai by transforming spaces into immersive experiences

Asesores was the agency responsible for publicising Icaria Atelier in the Spanish press, a team of Spanish architects, artists, engineers and filmmakers who integrate design, storytelling and technology to transform spaces into immersive experiences.


Expo2020 Dubai


Storytelling at the service of innovation in art

Icaria Atelier was presented by Asesores to the Spanish media at two press breakfasts in Madrid it was in a cinema hall; and in Seville, in the showroom of immersive experiences that the company has built itself in this city. We create stories to publicise projects.

In addition to the impact of the press release in digital media, the newspaper Expansión devoted a full page in its Directivos section, TVE made a report for the technology programme Zoom Net, Canal Sur interviewed the founding partners and made the Sevillian company known throughout Andalusia; Revista Descubrir el Arte published two full pages on the sophisticated work of Icaria Atelier; El Diario Montañés devoted its Culture front page and two full pages to telling the story of one of the partners.

The Sevillian company, which was founded in 2016, combines the knowledge of its professional team with innovation and design, and a great respect for local culture, both in Spain and abroad, to create sensitivity and closeness in its projects. These elements have allowed us to develop a careful storytelling that has generated a great impact in the Spanish media.

Expo2020 Dubai closer than ever before

The press was able to feel at home at the Dubai Expo itself without leaving Spain. The gigantic sculpture representing the torso of a horse six metres high and six metres long, made up of 41 solid pieces of grey marble that were transported from Spain to Dubai, was the main protagonist of an immersive experience in which the journalists were able to see first-hand the differential value of Icaria Atelier. Memorable actions as a prelude to relevance.