Microsoft and El País con tu futuro

Innovation and education

Bringing educational platforms and tools closer to the future professionals of our country

With the aim of helping young people to think about their future and, knowing the current professional needs, Microsoft has repeated its participation in the event organised by one of the leading national publications: El País. At this event – which has been resumed in person – the company was able to showcase its range of free educational tools and platforms for students.

For the past 8 years, “El País con tu futuro” has been bringing together experts from different disciplines with the aim of inspiring and helping students in their second year of high school and vocational training to guide their future. Through different talks and the hand of professionals (managers, entrepreneurs, health professionals, teachers or engineers) and large companies, they are informed about the training options and the situation of the professional market. This way, young people have a real vision of the employment picture in Spain and more information about the universities and companies that could form part of their future hand in hand with Microsoft, El País and Asesores.


El País con tu futuro


Technology and education:

a necessary all-in-one

Microsoft is well aware of the current digital capability gap. In fact, they work every day to provide students with the skills required to cope with the demands of today’s labour market. How? Through free and comprehensive access to personalised learning and tools to help them train, achieve better results and increase their capacity to make the leap and grow in a rapidly changing labour market.

Enjoying learning

In order to bring Microsoft tools closer to the more than 1,000 students who attended the event in 2021, Asesores opted for creativity to draw the guests’ attention from the very first minute. The challenge was for young people to leave the event knowing about the opportunities provided by Microsoft’s education services. And we achieved this through an experience that invited people to remember, to get to know, to have fun, to innovate and to try new things.

Having a good catalogue is the first step, but it is important to know the best way to access the target audience. In “El País con tu futuro”, Microsoft adapted its message to the new generations, using their codes and aiming for direct impact.

For this purpose, we had a photo booth to print live photos that were personalised with a design of the Microsoft platform and a QR that redirected to the Microsoft tools page, which they could take home as a souvenir of the event.

We gave away company gifts that they could use during the Christmas season and thanks to which we were able to quantitatively measure the presence and visits to the stand. Attendees were also able to participate in the AI experience and the recognition of students’ emotions, reactions, gender and age thanks to Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services. An unforgettable experience that brings young people closer to the benefits of digital transformation.