Microsoft Surface

Technology and sustainability

Technology and electric mobility together for a more sustainable world

Regarding the “back to school” campaign and the arrival of new Microsoft Surface devices and accessories, Asesores created and developed a complete communication action to show the company’s values –sustainability, productivity, and mobility– to the public. We joined ACCIONA, that shares the same ethics -sustainability and care for the planet are their business pillars.

More than 5K ACCIONA electric motorcycles served as a channel to reach the goal across four cities: Madrid, Valencia, Barcelona and Seville. And more than 10K people participated in the action through Instagram.


Microsoft Surface & ACCIONA Movilidad


Multichannel communication action

To develop this action, Asesores collaborated with ACCIONA Mobility. This division of the company works with zero-emission electric motorcycles that are 100% powered by renewable energies, which contributes to making transportation more sustainable.

Through this WIN-WIN collaboration, we combined media, social networks and direct contact with the end consumer, developing a 360º action.

First, we sent a press release and, considering the goal of the action, we developed three branded content in target media, focusing on marketing, technology and sustainability. The objective was to promote the campaign and position the sustainable nature of Microsoft Surface, taking advantage of the latest device that had arrived in Spain.

In the second place, for eight days, ACCIONA included a flyer explaining the action -printed on a “recyclable paper” that can be planted after reading it- in most of its motorcycles in the four main Spanish cities where it operates. Along with this, in some cases, users could also take home one of Microsoft’s most sustainable accessories to date.

In addition, through the social networks, ACCIONA Mobility users participated in the raffle of four Surface devices, interacting with the profiles of both companies. And, to complete the campaign, ACCIONA gave more visibility to the campaign through its App and newsletter.

Designers of ideas,

creators of content

Sustainability is a key element that defines the work of Microsoft and ACCIONA. Giving voice to that part with a direct connection to the end consumer was the main focus of Asesores. As an agency, we thought about the idea, development and measurement of an action that had many parts, but has been a great success thanks to teamwork. In the end, when you really know a client, their objectives become part of your day-to-day almost unconsciously, making ideas as different and complete as this one.