VIVe by Hyundai

Sustainable, electric and rural mobility

From CSR social commitment to a business line across Spain

They say that opposites attract, but when they meet, their energies make them inseparable. Following this idea, how would the relationship between electric mobility and the municipality with the cleanest air in Spain work?. At Asesores we have the answer and it is VIVe, the first 100% electric carsharing that Hyundai brought to Campisábalos (Guadalajara) to solve their mobility problems by providing them with an emission-free vehicle that allowed residents to move around in an environmentally friendly way.

After one year of this public-private partnership pilot programme, we can confirm that the relationship between the rural world and technology has been a success. Thanks to the showcased Campisábalos experience, and its excellent coverage in the media, including national and regional television and headlines, other municipalities with similar mobility needs echoed the news and began to take an interest in the project that has now become a reality for many towns in Spain.




Hyundai and Asesores:

commitment to rural Spain

VIVe is the result of the evolution of a corporate social responsibility action that has become an important line of business for Hyundai, contributing to the creation of a sustainable mobility network and leading-edge positioning with a current geographical footprint of more than 40 municipalities that provide this sustainable and shared solution to their neighbours. A communication asset that allows us to continue positioning the brand as a leader in innovation and CSR commitment.

Communication actions

capable of creating lines of business

Actions such as VIVe prove how the design of communication and public relations activities faithfully aligned with the brand’s positioning and commitment are capable of becoming an important business accelerator, detecting new areas of work.