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Reputational research and analysis

Listening to our environment to provide the best communication

To achieve the best results, companies, brands and institutions need to listen to their audiences to find out what they can offer them and how they can meet their needs to increase their influence. Knowledge is power: if we are aware of the content of the conversation, we can adjust our communication to the real demand of our customers.

We monitor the conversation about your brand

At Asesores we are experts in implementing active listening systems around our clients’ brands or areas of interest and action. This permanent monitoring allows us to perform a daily analysis of the positive or negative visibility of our clients’ issues and to recommend actions in real time to improve their decision-making capacity.

Reputation is a reflection of the prestige of a brand or company in any environment. We therefore advise and act on the results obtained by our clients, proposing different approaches according to their objectives, accompanying and guiding them in their relationship with the media, opinion leaders and other audiences.

Our main Services for

Reputational research and analysis are:

  • Media Audit
  • Daily clipping of brand and competitor presence in online and print media and quantitative and qualitative analysis of coverage
  • Identification of audiences, including influencers from different sectors
  • Market research to find out the opinions and preferences of audiences of interest to our clients
  • Implementation and management of analysis tools for social media and other digital channels by themes and markets, in addition to quantitative and qualitative analysis of the presence of our clients and their competitors in the digital sphere